Motorbike Taxi transfer service in Koh Samui Thailand

Motorbike Taxi transfer service in Koh Samui Thailand
Motorbike Taxi transfer service in Koh Samui Thailand

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Motorbike Taxi service in Koh Samui Thailand. Fare starts from 20 Baht (20 Baht per kilometer)

When you traveling alone in Koh Samui, to take the taxi is quite expensive. Another cheaper option is the motorbike taxi that it is usually easy to find in Chaweng. But if you can not find any of it near your place, you can call us at mobile phone 090 589 2269 ( International call +66905892269) WhatsApp : +66 90 589 2269 Just tell us the place where you stay and the place where you want to go. And what time you would like to be picked-up.

We charge 20 Baht per kilometer. 
For example, the distance from Fisherman Village in Bophut Beach area to Big Buddha Temple  is 5 kilometers, so the fare is 100 Baht
From Chaweng to Tesco Lotus is 4 kilometers, so the fare is 80 Baht.
From Chaweng north to Chaweng south the distance is 3 kilometers, and the fare is 60 Baht
From Chaweng to Lamai area the distance is about 7.5 kilometers, the fare is 150 Baht. Etc.

This is the cheapest way to move around the places in the Samui island if you don't take the taxi or rent the car or motorbike to drive by your self. 

Please Note 
  • Each time, we can service just 1 person with the driver. You cannot ride 2 persons + driver because it is illegal. 
  • We mainly service in Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut, Maenam, but also service you to go to remote area, just give us a call and check for availability.
  • You should not have too much or big stuff with you to go on the motorbike taxi, as it is difficult for you to hold your stuff while you are on the motorbike taxi.
  • For long distance riding (more than 10 Kms.), better that you should have the weight less than 100 Kgs., as the scooter is just the small vehicle. 
  • We really care about the safety of driving on the motorbike, and we have a lot of experience on riding on the motorbike. So, you can ensure about your safety. 

The trip around Koh Samui with the scooter and your driver is also available now. The driver will be your friend and your guide to explain you about the places where we take you to see, such as the Big Buddha Temple, Plai Laem Temple, Viewpoint, Grandfather and Grandmother Rock, The mummified monl, Namuang Waterfall, Nathon Town. You also can stop at the places where you decide to go. (Except the mountain area we cannot go up with the scooter) But the trip will take 4-5 Hours for around the island. For this service we would charge 1000 Baht for taking you around the island. 

So in this price we can give you the time maximum 5 hours. If you need extra hour after 5 hours, we will charge 200 Baht per hour.

Koh Samui is the 3rd big island in Thailand, the biggest island in Thailand is Phuket, 2nd big island is Koh Chang in Trat Province nearby Cambodia, and the 3rd big island is Koh Samui in Suratthani Province. The tally area of Koh Samui is 227 square kilometers. The longest part of the island from north to south is 25 Kms, and the widest part of the island is 21 Kms. from east to west.

Koh Samui has only one main road around the island about 52 Kms. called Taweerat-Pakdee Road. (Road number 4169) And many much more smaller roads in the tourist area as Chaweng, Lamai, Bo Phut, Maenam area. In the middle of the island are the mountains where the local people plant the rubber tree or the fruit such as durian, mangoestee or rambutan. 

Good time to visit Koh Samui is from 3rd week of December to 2nd week of October. 3rd week of October until 2nd week of December usually very heavy rains as we in tropical country. Another months also rains sometimes but not very heavy like October - November. April is the hottest month of the year that the temperature can be nearly 40 degrees with the humid. Lowest temperature of the year is the first week of January about 25 degrees in the morning and can be high until 30 - 35 degrees during the day time.

So now we can star the trip, we will pick you up about 9:00 a.m. (Good time as it is still not too hot during the trip. We normally start with the Big Buddha Temple. 

The Big Buddha is 12 meters high. Not made by real gold. There are 72 steps of the stair to go up on the base of the Big Buddha. This Big Bhuddha was built in the year 1972. The posture of Buddha Image is "Subduing Mara" or ปางมารวิชัย in Thai language.

On another side of Big Buddha, you will see the statue of "Nang Phee Sua Samut" which is the giant in the Thai myth name "Pra Apai Manee". The statue of the sitting man with his flute is "Pra Apai Manee" and the statue of the boy on the left is "Sin Samud" , the son of Pra Apai Manee and Nang Phee Sua Samut. 

Next temple that we will take you to visit is "Plai Lame Temple" where located nearby the Big Buddha Temple. This temple has an outstanding stature of Guanyin : the Chinese God about 10 meters high. And in the middle of this picture is the chapel of the temple that we can go inside to take the picture.

Inside the chapel of Plailaem Temple we can see the principle Buddha image and on the wall we can see the murals telling the story of Buddha.

Another corner in Plailaem Temple you will see the Happy Buddha or "Budai"

Then we will take you to see "Lad Koh" Viewpoint.

At Lad Koh viewpoint we can see all of Chaweng Beach for the north to the south of Chaweng beach.

With the clear sky view at Lad Koh Viewpoint

Next place is the Grandfather and Grandmother Rock. The rock formation looks like man and woman genitalia.

The Grandmother Rock is here. Were have to walk down carefully to see it below. When it is big waves here, we cannot see Grandmother Rock as it is too dangerous.

Along the way to the Rocks, there are a lot of shop selling souvenir and foods. This is the local sweet caramel. Let's try it!!

There are 3 colors of caramel, Green made from Pandanut Leaf, Brown is coconut sugar, Black is black sticky rice. yummy!!!

Next visiting temple may make you scare. This is Kunaram Temple, where you can see the real body of a Buddhist monk name "Luang Por Daeng" (1844-1973) that his body is not decay after he died in the year 1973. Now the body is kept in the upright position looks like he is sitting in meditation. When he was alive he can do long time mediation or deep meditation and he knew the date before he died by deep mediation. Before he died, he wrote the letter to the disciplines to not cremate him immediately but just keep him for awhile. If his body decay, just cremate him but if not decay just keep him, as he wanted to teach the people that the life of the people is not stable, we can be born, we are growing up, we can be sick and finally everybody will die that we cannot escape.

Next place is Namuang Watefall No.1 But this trip is just for sightseeing, not allow you to swim. (If you want to swim in the waterfall, you may book the trip name "Major Safari Tour" in this link. This trip will take you to Namuang Waterfall No.2 to swim.) Namuang Waterfall No.1 is 18 meters high from the cliff above.

There are lot of souvenir shops along the way to Namuang Waterfall No.1 too.

Our last stop in the trip is Nathon Town that we will give you the free time about 30-45 minutes up to the time left in the trip. 

This place you can see the pier of ferry that transfer people and the car to go to Donsak Pier Suratthani on the main land south of Thailand.

At Nathon, you way walk to the local market that you can see many kind of fruits in season, such as rose apples, rambutans, mangoesteens, mangoes and much more.

after finish the trip at Nathon, we will transfer you back to the hotel.

The other options that you can do with us with the 5 hours private car / minibus such as elephant trekking, Samui Aquarium & Tiger Zoo, Samui Butterfly Garden, Samui Shooting Range, or you want to have lunch. Every additional activities you have to pay extra at that places that you want to go or to do.

Samui Elephant Treking at Namuang Waterfall No.1 camp (Pay extra 700 Baht for 1/2 Hr. elephant trekking)

Samui aquarium & Tiger Zoo. Ticket 750 Baht per person. Start first show with Sea Lions show at 13:30 Hrs. An the next show is Birds & Tigers and Otters show at 14:30 Hrs. Ticket includes aquarium and shows already. 

At Samui aquarium, if you would like to take the picture with the sea lion, there is an extra charge 100 Baht per person.

At Samui aquarium, if you would like to take the picture with the tiger, there is an extra charge about 650 Baht per set. (Not sure about exactly price)

If you go to see Samui Aquarium , you may ask the driver to stop at Samret Temple, where you can see many ancient Buddha images in the ancient chapel of this temple. The reclining Buddha image on the left in this picture is the coral Buddha, made from coral.

Have lunch at TK Restaurant in the south of Koh samui that you can see the view of Koh Taen or Coral Island. about 250 Baht per person for Thai Set lunch. (Not included drinks.)

If you go to have lunch at TK restaurant, you may ask the driver to take you to see Laem Sor Pagoda in the south of Koh Samui that you also can see Koh Taen or Coral Island from here. Lame Sor Pagoga is located nearby the rocky beach with beautiful nature view of coconut trees and the view of Koh Taen.

If you do any extra places that is not in the route of normal tour and take  time more than 5 hours, the extra hour is 300 Baht per hour by car and 400 Baht per hour by minibus(van)

or if you are scare of riding on the scooter, please go by private car / van (minibus) please click at the picture for the link to the web site of private car / minibus service. 

Koh Samui Elephant Trekking Trip through the jungle of Namuang Warerfall No.1 Koh Samui Thailand : Special price internet rate

Welcome to Namuang Jungle Trip Elephant Trekking Camp, the most beautiful location for elephant trekking activity in Koh Samui. It is located at Namuang Waterfall No.1 area. This tour take you trough the jungle, trough the fruit garden, rivers and past exciting sights.Nothing can stop a mighty elephant, as you will learn. This trip you can relax at Namuang waterfall 1 or swim if you want.
The price of the elephant trekking trip at Namuang Waterfall No.1 by Namuang Jungle Trip company walk-in price is 

1/2 Hr Adult : 800 Baht Child : 500 Baht
1Hr Adult : 1300 Baht Child : 900 Baht

1/2 Hr Adult : 700 Baht ; Child* 400 Baht

1 Hr Adult : 1200 Baht ; Child* 800 Baht

Namuang Waterfall No.1
Our trip starts from picking you up from your hotel reception by the time shown below. Then come to the elephant trekking camp.

Elephants and their mahouts
All elephants and mahouts always stand-by for you at the camp.

Start trekking from the platform
Then take you to the platform that you can get on the elephant. (Elephant is below, so you just step on its back. You don't have to climb up.)

The waterfall is behind you.
Trekking along the stream of the water from Namuang Waterfall No.1

Stop for taking pictures.
Stop for taking pictures, just tell the mahout, then he will take the pictures for you with the elephant or waterfall view behind you.

Waterfall view behind you
You can take the pictures with the waterfall and your elephant .

Trekking along the jungle way
Then the mahout will control the elephant to walk to another way through the jungle.

Trekking pass through the fruit plantation of Mangosteen (Up to the season)


 Trekking pass through the fruit plantation of Rambutan (Up to the season.)

Trekking pass through the fruit plantation of Durian (Up to the season)

Trekking in the jungle
If you book 1 Hr elephant trekking the mahout will take you longer way. 

Elephant plays with water.

Namuang Waterfall No.1
 Then relax time to swim at Namuang Waterfall No.1

Elephant Trekking at Namuang1 Waterfall Camp 

Or enjoy shopping at the souvenir shops nearby the waterfall 

Schedule of picking-up
Please see the time schedule for picking you up from your hotel zone.

Samui Map courtsey of Siam Map Co.; Ltd

Namuang Waterfall in the red quadrilateral in this map
The price of the elephant trekking trip at Namuang Waterfall No.1 by Namuang Jungle Trip company walk-in price is 

1/2 Hr Adult : 800 Baht Child : 500 Baht
1Hr Adult : 1300 Baht Child : 900 Baht

1/2 Hr Adult : 700 Baht ; Child* 400 Baht

1 Hr Adult : 1200 Baht ; Child* 800 Baht

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